Pyramids Are Tombs is written by a pioneering practitioner of integrated marketing communications (IMC) whose company has charted a new course for totally self-managed teams.
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A Must Read
"Joe Phelps has tackled and mastered the two biggest challenges that most CEOs don't want to face — organizational structure and compensation. He tells how to build integrated communication programs, work teams, media-neutral planning, corporate culture and most of all, how to really become a client partner and provide strategic direction.

Every agency leader or would-be leader should read and use the lessons in this book."

Don Schultz
Professor, founder of this country's first graduate program in IMC at Northwestern University and author of various textbooks on IMC

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Joe Phelps is the founder and CEO of Phelps, an Intergrated Marketing Communications agency located in Santa Monica, California. Learn more about how IMC works for them.