If You Disagree – Let’s Hear Why.

The method for getting all associates to buy-in on the necessary operational and philosophical covenants starts during the hiring process and never really ends.

For example, at The Phelps Group, we require understanding and agreement on our "Covenants" which are:

To reach our potentials, we must have alignment as to what we're doing, where we're going and how we're getting there. We are committed to the covenants below.

If you disagree, let's hear why. You may have a good point. If so, we'll make adjustments.

If you agree – great. Let's do it.

Our vision is to be the standard
by which all other marketing communications
agencies are measured.

Our mission is to do great work
for deserving clients,
in a healthy working environment,
to realize our clients' goals
and our potentials.

Our core competency is our ability to apply customer-focused integrated marketing disciplines in our clients' best interests.

Our work influences millions of people daily. Therefore, truth is our highest value and our guiding light.

We are organized in self-directed, client-based teams of specialists, delivering IMC programs from a full-feedback environment.

We are accountable for our work, and we intend to deliver more than we promise.