Client Surveys.

We've conducted in-depth client surveys every year since 1985. Clients are asked to evaluate how well we meet our commitments, how well we communicate with them and whether or not they feel we are providing quality service overall. The teams follow up to ensure the client knows we've heard their concerns and create action plans to make the necessary course corrections.

It's human nature to avoid uncomfortable conversations. So, if we don't receive a completed survey from a client, I follow up on the survey personally to get a report.

Here are the questions we ask in the client surveys. Each question can be checked as Strongly disagree, Somewhat disagree, Somewhat agree or Strongly agree. Below each question is a "Comments" space for additional input.

  • You are thorough in your approach to your work.
  • You show creativity in your proposed solutions.
  • You return my phone calls and e-mails promptly.
  • You are courteous.
  • You keep your promises on deadlines.
  • You do not waste our time.
  • You offer fast turnaround when requested.
  • You relate well to our people.
  • You keep us sufficiently informed on progress.
  • You notify us promptly of changes in scope of work and seek our approval.
  • You don't wait for us to initiate; you anticipate.
  • You have a good understanding of our business.
  • You make us feel that we are important.

The following open-ended questions ask for comments:

  • Are there any individuals who are providing exceptional service? (comments only)
  • Are there any individuals who are providing less than satisfactory service? (Please note if you would prefer your answer to remain confidential)
  • Are there any other comments about our agency you would like to share?
  • Please fill in your name and company.