Internal Feedback on Our Work.

We have three mechanisms for gathering internal feedback on our work as it's in progress: The Wall™, The BrainBangers' Ball™ and The EyeBall.

The thinking behind these devices is that the client and the team make the decision on the work. The cultural element that adds creative power and security to this model is an understanding that all work will be subjected to the opinions and feedback from the entire agency. We call it "putting more brains on the work." It begins with commitments from the associates when they join our group that they will expose their work as it moves through its stages of development. It's enforced by peer pressure. After all, our work is shown to thousands and often millions of people. Why take the unnecessary risk of not getting the opinions of your associates?

Some of the factors that led to the development of these feedback devices are:

The speed at which jobs are produced nowadays often doesn't allow for copy testing. This increases the risk that the intended message may not be the message received or remembered.

The cost of a mistake can be crippling considering the large number of people who see our work and can be affected by it, and the cost of the media required to reach them.

We're capitalizing on the chance to improve the work by getting more minds on it – more ideas, more proofing.

People working day-to-day on an account can develop personal and team tunnel-vision. Fresh thinking from outside sources helps eliminate this problem.

Once again, our basic philosophy is reinforced: Find great people, bathe them in feedback and get out of their way as they make the decisions they're best equipped and prepared to make.