The PlayGround™.

The concept for this group creative session was born out of The BrainBangers' Ball. The thought was, "If we can get this kind of power from a 10-minute, all-hands brainstorming session in the BBB, what would happen if we focused a room full of our art directors and copywriters on a creative challenge?”

When we put this many brains on an issue, we like to get to the heart of the matter very quickly. So, The PlayGround process starts when the team responsible for the work has developed our Creative Roadmap which says:

If the target currently believes X
And we want them to believe Y
What do we tell them to change their belief?

Kent Land, art director and the associate who conceived The PlayGround, describes how it works:

"I think the 'Sweet' ad we did for Roland would illustrate the benefit of The PlayGround: After the initial strategy was e-mailed, we met for about an hour to generate ideas and review ideas that people brought. The candy bar idea came while we were together from discussions about 'all the good things packed into this keyboard, and the headline, 'Sweet,' followed immediately as a simple hammer to drive home the promise. I believe there are benefits of more interaction between art directors and copywriters in The PlayGround, and it adds a great deal to the camaraderie and cooperation among those specialists. That’s important within our structure because it offsets some of the isolation of the discrete team approach. It provides a forum that gets more eyeballs on the work – since we don’t have an official creative director. It can help junior-level people feel less pressure because The PlayGround offers a more level playing field and keeps any one person from dominating."


What is to be gained from The PlayGround?

  • More brains on more work.
  • More ideas.
  • Better results.
  • More knowledge of what everyone is doing.
  • Creative ideas are allowed to come to life.
  • More freedom/risk-taking for more breakthrough ideas.
  • More face-to-face contact for better cooperation/inspiration.
  • Shared responsibility for all the work from our agency.
  • More ownership for more involvement.