Possibly the Most Scalable Model?

In the teams-bathed-in-feedback model, management's role is to:

  • Establish the company's vision and continually confirm buy-in
  • Ensure that qualified associates are recruited and properly deployed
  • Ensure that associates are committed to the philosophies of continual feedback
  • Provide the resources for these people to deliver excellent client service

When these conditions exist, there should be no limit as to how many self-directed teams can exist in an agency.

Growth does not compromise efficiency, individual freedom, trust, accountability or alignment. Growth improves the validity of the feedback.

Therefore, the self-directed teams working in a full-feedback environment model is definitely scalable. In fact, for a professional service organization, it may be the most scalable model to date.

Conversely, due to changing needs of their employees and the professional service needs of their clients, the model that’s been traditionally assumed as scalable (command-and-control pyramid structures) is becoming dysfunctional and counterproductive.

The last three sections of this book serve the following purposes:

"Delivering IMC" details how to develop and execute media-neutral and discipline-neutral marketing communication plans.

"A Company and a Mission" and "
In the Spirit of its Vision" explain the mission and vision of The Phelps Group and how they relate to the holistic design of this overall concept.