A Communications Stream with Three Tributaries.

Here's a template to help with the mental organization of these disciplines or processes: The three basic marcom tools are advertising, public relations and promotions.

  1. If space and time are paid for, it's considered advertising.
  2. If it communicates without paid media, it's public relations.
  3. If it's an offer, it's a promotion.

These messages of the three disciplines are then delivered by a variety of media vehicles. These delivery vehicles can be organized into three segments: Electronic, print and human contact.

So according to the last chapter, the definition of marketing communications is: Advertising, public relations and promotions – delivered by electronics, print or human contact.

That's about as few words as you'll ever see to define marketing communications!

The logic used to determine the efficiencies and effectiveness for using the various delivery vehicles is outlined in the following chapter on media.