Media Strategy.

The overall marcom goal is to reach the right person, at the right time, at the right point of contact, with the right message. So, the essence of a media strategy – whether for advertising or for public relations, is to determine:

  • Which vehicles to use,
  • At what levels of reach and frequency
  • In what proportions relative to other mediums
  • The best time to use them.

What are points of contact?

People need different information as they move through the various stages of awareness, preference, desire and purchase. A team (especially the media planner, PR person and promotions specialist) will look at these options to get the right message at the right point of customer contact:

  • In home: print, newspapers, magazines, mail, TV, etc.
  • In transit: outdoor boards, bus shelters
  • Point of sale: signage, packaging, demos, kiosks, sampling
  • During use: inside or on the package, in-flight, on- air promotions, etc.

Another way to look at media options is to divide them into three basic delivery vehicles:

  • Electronic: broadcast, satellite, online, kiosks (includes TV, radio, Internet)
  • Print: newspapers, magazines, outdoor, etc.
  • Human contact: sampling, events, telemarketing, trade shows, etc.