Closing the Feedback Loop.

We need to examine the ROI on our programs.

Once the messages are disseminated, we gather input for the next situation analysis, to start the processes outlined in this section from the beginning again.

It's all a learning process. Each loop in the continuous improvement process can be considered a step toward the ultimate product offering and communications program.

Some realities to consider:

  • Sometimes the answers come early, which makes the plan easier to write.
  • Creative concepts sometime present themselves before creative strategies.
  • Sometimes you have a powerful creative concept, but it doesn't follow the most promising strategy. For example, what if it promotes the number two purchase motivator, but it's the most powerful creative concept?
  • Do you have the time and money to test it? Do you have the time and funds to measure the ROI, extrapolate the ROI and roll out incrementally?
  • How do we measure results of media relations, events and other activities that may not be as easy to track as other activities?