Measuring Progress By Our Contributions.

We need benchmarks to show progress. These milestones will be expressed as quantifiable contributions to our clients, our industry, community, our society and ourselves in general.

Here's the list we've developed of where our contributions will be:
Contributions to ourselves:

  • Individual and company financial growth.
  • Public recognition.
  • Editorial coverage.
  • Industry rankings.
  • Awards.
  • Client retention.
  • Associate retention.
  • Associates' educational levels achieved.
  • Our physical well-being.
  • Our mental well-being.

Contributions to our clients:

  • Sales and profits.
  • Stock value.
  • Brand awareness levels.
  • Breadth of IMC services we offer.

Contributions to our industry:

  • Our innovations in agency organization and processes.
  • The publication of this book.
  • Volunteers to worthy industry organizations.
  • Helping our supplier/partners.

Contributions to our community and society in general:

  • The time we spend lecturing at schools, hosting interns and career day events.
  • Our cash, gifts and time donated to charities.
  • Our methods of energy conservation and recycling.
  • The types of products and services we help sell.
  • Our taxes paid.

To help us achieve our goals, we can regularly visualize our contributions to the above contingencies. As a wise person once said, "Those who control the future are those who can best rehearse it."
Anything you can dream,
you can do.
Begin it.
For boldness has power,
magic and genius in it.