A Tip on Decision Making.

It's been said, "Life can be best understood looking backwards, but it must be lived forwards."

To illustrate: People probably go to a couple of dozen weddings and funerals in their lifetime. So wouldn't it be smart to learn the proper things to say and do at a wedding and funeral early on in life?

With this thought in mind, here's a tip that may help you make better decisions: If you seem to be having difficulty making a decision, it's probably because you don't have enough information. Once you have enough information, the decision generally becomes easy.

One method I've found for getting a fresh look at a situation is to project yourself into the future a few years, then look back and think about how that decision might have affected your life at that point. Sometimes it sheds new light on the subject. To get even more clarity on this issue, write your own obituary and work back from there.