It’s About Alignment.

Alignment exists when individuals know their contribution to the group is a contribution to their personal mission.

For alignment to exist, there must be an absence of conflicts of interest between the individual, the team they're on, the company they’re with, the clients they work with and the suppliers who support them. Now that's a tall order.

Alignment is central to our philosophy at The Phelps Group. The five "thrusters" in our logo are moving upward and in parallel formation. They symbolize the alignment of our basic tenets and business model – summarized in the five sections of this book – self-directed teams, in a full-feedback environment, delivering IMC, in the spirit of our mission, to achieve our vision.

The thrusters also illustrate a philosophy influenced by Dr. Ed Deming's work. This philosophy states that processes are the key to a company's success. The closer a process is to the beginning of the overall system, the more important it is – such as those related to the recruitment of associates. If a company recruits smart, motivated, team players (visualize them as rocket engines), and these people's personal missions are in alignment with the company's, then they're like multiple rocket engines strapped to the company mission, propelling the company upward toward its vision.

These five associates came to our Halloween party as the "thrusters" in our logo, chanting
in unison, "We have a vision. We are on a mission." Scary.