Eight Steps to Flattening a Pyramid.

Here are some changes that will create an organizational model for delivering faster, better, cheaper and integrated services:

  1. Dismantle departments.
  2. Re-organize in teams around the client with the specialists needed on the teams.
  3. Move accountability from department heads to these client-based teams.
  4. Move department heads to coaching positions. (Depending on your size, you may need to have "playing coaches," meaning they play on one team and coach the specialists in their discipline on other teams.)
  5. Hold coaches responsible for the recruitment, inspiration and education of the specialists in their disciplines. Coaches consult, guide, inspire and encourage these specialists, but do not take on the final responsibility for the specialists’ work. This accountability must remain with the individuals and within the client-based teams.
  6. Install multiple mechanisms to give all individuals and teams liberal amounts of timely and constructive feedback from their peers, clients and suppliers on their work and interpersonal performance.
  7. Eliminate conflicts of interest related to income for alignment of financial goals. (This is the Mother Lode! The answer to this one question should pay for this book 1,000 times over. Read on.)
  8. Promote an understanding that physical location and size of workstation do not relate to seniority or power.